In our first post we want to help you understand what WordPress is and how it works. The fact is that WordPress has millions of users around the world that make it one of the most powerful platform to publish personal content online. Do you know why? Here we explain it!

A platform made for publishing content. WordPress it’s just that: once you install it on the server (even if it’s on or in your own hosting), the platform allows you to publish content and show it on your website. Also you can choose its appearance and create as much as you want even if it’s a post for your blog, an information page, a contact form, etc., and choose how and where you display it on the page.


Who said that the beginnings are hard? Starting with WordPress is easy and scandalously quick. With its installation method in a few steps you’ll have WordPress installed in your server in less than 5 minutes. Worried about the updates? It’s even easier, just click the update button and continue publishing. It’s that easy.

Easy to use and also… ¡free! The truth is that WordPress is extremely easy to use even for the people who has no knowledge of web developing. But also it’s free. Yeah, free. ¿Who gives you more?

Powerful and customizable. With WordPress you can do almost everything. We could tell you infinite features that make it unique, but we think that this phrase on the Codex explains perfectly all of its potential, offering:

freely distributed,standards-compliantfastlight, and free content management system, with sensible default settings and features, and an extremely customizable core.

Blog, website, e-commerce… You choose. It doesn’t matter the content you wish to publish on WordPress, as everything is possible even if you are a blogger, freelancer, online shop, etc.

Themes, Plugins… At your style. WordPress has a huge community of developers (growing every day) who offers a lot of themes and plugins to use on your site. Yeah, we are on it. And yeah, we are pretty sure that you’ll find the way to customize your site at your own style with all of those incredible tools.

What is WordPress

User Management. As administrator you have the chance to create different users with predefined profiles, with which you can control what they can do in your site (subscribers, editors, etc.).

Take control of your visits and your public. Do you like to have everything under control? With WordPress you have the possibility to obtain all the information of your site with Google Analytics, which you can add to your site easily with some plugin or even manually.

Talk the language you want to talk.  WordPress supports a huge variety of languages. Why aren’t we saying the number? Easy: because it never stops growing.

We really hope that you enjoyed the post and learned a little bit more about what is WordPress and why it’s the perfect platform to publish all that you want in the cloud. ¿Do you have any doubt? ¡We would be very happy to read you in the comments!

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