In this post, I’m going to compare the blogging platforms more used to go live your blog on the Internet with little effort and for free: Blogger and WordPress.

But ¿which one is better? or ¿more customizable? ¿easier to configure? ¿easier to use? Believe me, when I say that despite what am going to say in this post If you have already chosen one it will be hard to dissuade you, as both platforms are very powerful and versatile. Blogger because of belonging to Google and WordPress because of having a large community of followers and supporters.

Both of them have revolutionized the Internet and the way we interact with it, but look around I’m sure that you meet someone who share its opinions on a blog or who post videos on Youtube, or even who has an e-commerce using WordPress.

However, according to the function that you’re going to give to your website you will choose one or another depending on your requirements and priorities, so here we go:

Hosting and domain

Regard to the hosting, which is the place we host the blog, we can forget about it because both Blogger and give us the hosting for free.

And I’m talking about and not about, as this last one is downloaded directly from its website for free but it has to be installed on a host and domain of your own, as we explain in this post.

Moreover, if you’re interested in having your own domain for free in it’s impossible because you’ll have a URL finishing with, like but you can have your own domain in Blogger.

If you have already bought your own domain you can use it in your blog if you’re host in Blogger, so instead of having, that is used as default, you will have

In both cases, with and Blogger, you would have a free hosting provided by the platforms.

In the case of using the hosting as well as the domain it’s provided by you, that’s why you can enjoy all the Premium features that the platform offers like plugins, widgets, templates…

create a blog, Blogger vs WordPress

Basic or advanced blog

If what you want is start to publish posts and don’t stop blogging then Blogger or will be your best option. But if you want to start to publish posts and don’t stop blogging with styling and customization then your best option will be possibly is the platform with more options of customization and configuration that exists, either the lots of templates and plugins that can be installed as how easy is to install and implement them.

So, if you’re blogging now but you want to improve it and make a website with an integrated blog, or an e-commerce, or even create a social network is the best choice.

Security and Backup

Something for what we must have in mind is the security of our blog or website. In the case of Blogger, we don’t have to care about it because Google does it and make the platform one of the safest in the network.

Although, the security in is not so good as Blogger, but you have innumerable free and premium plugins which can make a website totally safe and secure, like these plugins.

Don’t forget about the backups as they are very important to restore our blog in the case we need to. So in, it’s better if you decide to dedicate some of your time to search some plugin that makes this for you or you can do it manually so often. But you can forget about it in the case of Blogger because Google will do it for us.

These are the main differences between Blogger, and, I hope it has been helpful to decide which platform are you going to choose for embarking on your new adventure in the world of Blogging!

What do you think? Which is the best option for you?

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