new version 4.7 of WordPress

If you have already installed WordPress on your page and emerges the window to update your WordPress to 4.7 version, this is your Post. I will briefly review all the new features it includes. Stay tuned because it’s an amazing update that comes with theme included!

WordPress customizer: “Your Site, Your Way”

In this new version takes an important role the WordPress Customizer. Now in this section of the Dashboard we can:

  • Customize the CSS  to add code, classes, etc. to our theme and see the changes in live preview. This is perfect to change what does not convince us and give our personal touch to the theme!
  • Editing iconsnow themes may include small icons to show more clearly the parts of it that can be personalized.
  • Create pages from the Customizer: if we can’t decide on any of our already created pages, now we can create them directly from the Customizer. So, we avoid the hassle of not having to close the customizer, creating the page and return to Customizer -which is so tedious-.

Headers with videos

I love this addition, now WordPress support the inclusion of videos in headers, as it did with images. Therefore, from the customizer we can choose to upload a video file or include it from Youtube, for example, through a URL. Fast and effective!

A language for each user

The ultimate user experience! With this new improvement each user can choose a language from their profiles for the Administration Panel. Evidently, if the users don’t choose any language it remains the one used in the Front-end.

PDF preview

Something I was not happy with the multimedia files of WordPress, was the lack of a preview image for PDF files, which could lead to confusion on many occasions.

Now with this improvement, each PDF that we upload to WordPress can be previewed in the Media section of the Administration Panel.

Content for newly installed themes

To make it easier to understand to users and more if they are running a new theme, WordPress launches in this new version the support for starter content for newly installed themes. Through this way, users can intuitively see everything that the theme can do, as the author of the theme may include posts, pages, widgets, items in menus, options, etc.

These are some of the new features included in the new version 4.7 of WordPress, and of course, we can’t forget its new theme Twenty Seventeen, more focused in companies and corporations. Thereby this increase the assertion that WordPress is much WordPress and its flexibility makes it the most versatile and suitable CMS for all kinds of web pages and not only Blogs.

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