Why do I need an online store?

If you have a physical store or you’re thinking in open it this is your post. We will explain the importance of multi-channel communication, how easy it is to create an online store with WooCommerce and why it’s important to set it up for your business.

Open shop

If we ask ourselves, how many devices we have at home? How often do we use them? Can you imagine a single day without your mobile phone? We realize that the Internet has completely changed our habits and behaviors. And, of course, the way we buy and sell products and services.

The showrooming is something increasingly common in Europe, that is, investigate offline what you buy later online

We live in an era where online entrepreneurs should follow the evolution of technology and connect with consumers across all channels, whether social networks, email, mobile applications, etc. They have to transmit the right message for each channel.

Online sales could not be less and this is where we talk about multi-channel sales, that is, when we can sell through our physical store or our online shop, social networks, mobile … which increases our turnover.

Multi-channel sales are important to increase turnover and productivity in our company

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How to start creating my online store

But, where do I begin to create an online store? The first thing is to get a server and a domain if you don’t have one already. And from here you have several platforms to create an online store like Prestashop, Magento, Shopify,… or WooCommerce, the platform behind 39% of all online stores and which has more than 17 million downloads, it’s amazing!

And, what is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a Open source WordPress plugin, which can be downloaded from its website here for free. Once we download the zip we just have to install it as a normal plugin in our WordPress dashboard and that’s all … we have our own online store!

As it is Open Source, the number of developers who are behind ensuring its proper functioning and continuous growth is immense. There are multiple templates, designs, and most importantly, features offered by this plugin, some of them are:

  • It covers most of all online sales: physical products, downloadable files, tickets ..
  • Login via social networks.
  • Customers can customize products before buying them.
  • Convert our website on a crowdfunding portal.
  • Add different discounts and gift cards.
  • Do auctions of products.
  • Set different shipping rates.

Regarding the design of your website there are plenty of themes to give the appearance that you want for your online store. Even if you have one in mind and you didn’t find it sure we can design and develop it for you, contact us!

Some examples of online shops made by WooCommerce that no one would believe that this is WordPress, or a free plugin:


WooCommerce Tokki


Pro4mance WooCommerce


Moment WooCommerce

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