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Blog Layouts

You can choose singular layouts and styles for your archives templates, which are the Blog Feed (Archive), Single Post, Search page and 404 (error page). Here we show you some examples of the things you can configure in the Theme Options panel.


Blog Layout

Tacte has three different layouts for your archives, which are: Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and No Sidebar. On the other hand, you can choose if you want a full or boxed style for your pages Headings. This design will be applied to all the archive pages, so you can still change the style and layout of your other custom pages.

Blog Layout Blog Layout Blog Layout

Theme Options Blog & Misc. tab.

Blog Archive example with full Heading and right sidebar.

Blog Archive example with boxed layout and no sidebar.


Blog Style

On the other hand, with Tacte you can change the colors of almost everything. In the Blog & Misc. section, you can choose the color of the Headings, wich will be applied only to this templates (blog archives). The rest of the colors displayed here are the one you select in the Theme Options’ General Style tab.


Heading Images

You have the chance to set a custom image for the background of the following archive pages: Blog Feed (Archive), Search, 404. Just upload it in Appearance > Theme Options > Heding Images.