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Slider Layouts

You can choose singular layouts and style for your Homepage Slider. Here we show you some examples of the things you can configure in the Theme Options panel.


Slider Layout

Tacte has two different layouts for your Slider: choose if you want full width or boxed layout.

Blog Layout Blog Layout Blog Layout

Theme Options Homepage Slider tab.

Full width Slider.

Boxed Slider.


Slider Style

On the other hand, with Tacte you can change the colors of almost everything. For the Slider you can choose the color of its elements and the backgorund color, in case you don’t want to show an image.


Single Slide Configuration: Align & Button

You can set a specific align for every slide and also a button with link. Then you can have different buttons and aligns in each slide that you display. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Blog Layout Blog Layout Blog Layout

Single Slide metabox options.

Centered align with button example.

Right align with button example.