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Theme Documentation

If you downloaded Tacte theme, here we show you some useful resources to help you with the theme configuration and some (important) information:



Licencia de Creative Commons

This theme is protected under the Creative Commons License, then:

  • You CAN share this theme in your site if you give appropriate credit of it. As it’s a free product you have to share it as a free product too.
  • You CAN modify its code but you CAN’T share it.
  • You CAN’T claim this theme as your own.

Now that everything is clear, we can continue with more information.


Tacte at Anmar Studio

Tacte has been proudly designed and developed by our awesome team here in Anmar Studio. In the theme’s page you’ll find all the information about it, last version, related posts, etc,. See you there!



YouTube Playlist

If you need help configuring your theme maybe you’ll find some information in our YouTube Playlist about the theme.



Theme User Guide

Otherwise, if you need specific information you can take a look at our user guide, with more documentation and tips to set up Tacte.